Underwater Illustrations

underwater series

I made a series about what could possibly be under the water while using my imagination!

Mediums: Pen + Acrylic

Size: 8x12in

Duration: 20 hours


I went to an art show at the University of Rochester's Hartnett Gallery where I saw an artist create an underwater series. She used a waterproof camera and took photos partially underwater throughout an area where water conservation methods were being used. During her opening reception, she asked the question, "What would you assume to be underwater, when the sky is the limit?" I decided to use my imagination and respond.


I started with a blank sheet of acid-free paper and a micron pen. I started creating lines, and the lines turned into waves. Then the swirls began and I felt like I was in a child's room with an androgynous vibe. I needed to look at the piece and feel like my best friend was with me, so I created a character that reminded me of my dog.


I started the second piece with the same process- just lines, a pen, and paper. I was expecting something to happen, but I just kept going. I disappeared into the page and when I looked up it was finished piece without needing anything to be under the water.

water copy


Creating lighthearted pieces that can be used as decoration or a creativity exercise that breathes life into my practice.


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